Drum’s investment division, Drum Real Estate Investment Management (DREIM), is based in Edinburgh. Complementing the Group’s risk-controlled development activity, DREIM delivers an entrepreneurial and proactive approach to asset management.

In addition to providing asset management services for Drum's own extensive portfolio and a variety of third party mandates, in 2015 DREIM undertook a significant UK expansion with the flotation of a new Real Estate Investment Trust called Drum Income Plus REIT (DRIP REIT) which trades on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

The existing Drum management team has a strong track record of working in partnership with institutional clients. Drum is well-capitalised, and looks both to acquire assets on balance sheet and work with strategic joint venture partners where there are opportunities to co-invest in development or investment opportunities.

DREIM enables the group to build on this experience and potential to develop successful partnerships with like-minded companies to maximize returns and performance across investment, development and asset management projects.

Current Projects

Drum Income Plus REIT Plc (DRIP REIT) is an income focused real estate investment trust investing in regional commercial property assets.

The REIT is led by a highly experienced Board, and managed by DREIM. DREIM take an entrepreneurial yet prudent approach to real estate, investing with a clear focus on acquiring high quality assets across the UK which provide good value, healthy cash flow and significant capital and income growth potential for DRIP REIT. With the first tranche of investments concluded, DREIM is currently pursuing a strong pipeline of property to expand the DRIP REIT portfolio.

For more information visit our DRIP REIT website.

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